We live in a  time where loving your church is not the most popular of opinions.  In this sermon series, Pastor Dennis will explore the biblical command to love each other, and how that love should manifest itself in the church.  Based on John 13:34-35, I Love My Church is a great opportunity for you to learn about the love of God and why you should love your church.

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Coming October 2018

Hollywood is filled with movies of superheroes saving the world with great powers and big personalities, but these characters are a little to perfect for real life.  Life is messy, and in the book of Judges, we find some heroes that are just as messy and real.  Join us as Pastor Dennis takes us through the book of Judges and we look at seven unlikely heroes and how God used them to accomplish his purposes, and how God desires to use us to be unlikely heroes too.


Advent 2018

Do you need to hear some good news this holiday season?  Has it been a while since you've been to church and you'd like to reconnect with the God who loves you?

We want to invite you to visit Antioch this Christmas season to celebrate how God gave the greatest gift of all when love came down.  Pastor Dennis will take us through the Advent season reminding us of how God saved us by becoming one of us.