Dennis Ellingburg, Senior Pastor

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My Faith Journey

I spent all of my early life in and around Jackson, MS.  My father worked off shore and spent a lot of time away from his family so that we could have a nice suburban life.  As a child, I had made a profession of faith after VBS, but as I grew I became aware that my life showed none of the fruit of salvation. 

But thanks be to God, he in the glorious riches of his mercy would not let me go.  At the age of 16 he said, "You are mine" and convicted of my sinfulness before a holy God, I repented of my sins and bowed the knee before Christ being gloriously saved by the grace of God.

I first sensed God calling me into the gospel ministry when I was sixteen years old.  At that particular time, God’s call for my life wasn’t fully understood, but He would use the next few years to clarify it for me.  I found myself falling in love with students and the local church, so began my journey in full-time student ministry.  I had a passion to see students come to know Jesus in an authentic way and develop a biblical worldview so that they could have an impact in their culture. 

After spending 10 years developing students to be radical followers of Jesus, God began leading me to engage the entire family to follow Jesus as a pastor of a local church.  I have been called to lead His people, reach the lost, and preach the perfect Word of God.  

In 2015, I became pastor of Antioch Baptist Church. In 1999, I married my wife, Kristy. We have three boys.

My Hope for Antioch Baptist Church

My hope for Antioch Baptist Church is that we would be a community of fully committed followers of Jesus Christ who worship him in spirit and in truth, and who love the people he created with the compassion, mercy and grace that he showed us at our salvation.