Discipleship Helps

One of our core values at Antioch is that we desire to see people commit to growing in Christ Jesus.  We believe that salvation is an event (justification) that begins a process of renewal and conformity to the image of God (sanctification) that continues until we are made perfect in Christ Jesus (glorification).  This renewal is accomplished by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God (the Bible) working in the hearts of those God has saved by his grace.  One way we seek to help Christians grow is by pointing to or providing resources that will help them grow in the Word.  Below are a list of these helps that can aid you in your Christian walk.


Faithlife Bible Resources

Faithlife is a company passionate about creating the best resources for Bible study and making them available to the world.  Biblia is their online Bible page that features not only the Bible in various versions, but also access to commentaries and the ability to purchase more and expand your library.  For a list of suggested commentaries to purchase click here.



Learning how to study the Bible, how to think about the Bible is incredibly important in understanding the Bible.  Biblearc is an amazing tool that can help you learn to engage your minds in studying God's Word.  We are called to love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, minds, and strength (Matthew 22:37), Biblearc is a great tool to help you learn to do just that.


Devotional Template

Spending Time in God's Word is important.  The following link leads you to a downloadable devotional template that you can use to help read and ask questions of the text you are reading.  A great tool for those beginning to study the Word.